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Muslim Agenda: Islam & Sharia Law

It is taught in the Islam faith; for any "Non-Muslim" either be converted to Muslim or killed. This goes for Christians, Jews, Atheists, Hindu, or any other religion.


Muslims beleive their religion is the only

"1 true religion" and will stop at nothing until everyone is either converted to Islam, or killed; wiping every other religion off the face of the planet, and enforcing "Sharia Law" globally as the 1 acting Law through muslim extremism.

Muslim students want to remove Jesus from Catholic Schools

What causes Islamic Extremism

Understanding Islam


ISLAM: Short Summary

A Quick Visual Understanding of Islam's "Sharia Law"

A Brief introduction to clear and present dangers of Radical Islam and the attempt

at implementing Sharia Law globaly by use of fear, cohersion, and political manipulation


Radicals Believe "Islam Is The Only Acceptable Religion; Either Convert To Islam Or Be Killed"