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The TRUTH About Election 2020

An in depth look into the Election Fraud of 2020


* Millions of Mail in Ballots, many with no post mark

* Many Received and counted (After) elction day

* Some states "no Voter ID" required

* No proof of citizenship required

* Weeks and weeks of early voting

* Republican poll workers blocked from viewing the ballot process

* Some states election laws altered last minute and disregarded

* Per 11/13/2020 outstanding votes received after election day yet ot be counted

* Votes received from deceased people



* CIA Vote switching software used called "ScoreCard"


* Vote manipulation software called "Dominion"


* Hammer Program: Super computer used to run the above stated software.


* Poll Workers - Manually filling out ballots with (only) Bidens name filled in (the rest of the ballot info were left blank) then processed.


* Ballots submitted of people that were deceased  submitted in mass quantities


* Poll workers admitting to throwing away Trump ballots.


* Random mass ballot dropoff in multiple states ranging in 100,000's of ballots directed "ONLY to Biden"

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