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Truth About The Corona Virus, Its Origins, and the intent:


As it's covered in the media about this virus being brought on from bats and snakes.. it's fake news intended to cover up the reality of what it is and mislead the general simple-minded public.The truth this, this virus was man-made in a lab for specific intent.


As described here by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in October 2019 when they were conducting "Scenarios on this exact issue"



There is also intelligence information coming forward linking 3.7 million U.S Dollars from the "Obama Administration" to the BioEngineering Lab in "Wuhan" China. Coincidence? Or malicious Intent




It's time to wake up people..

The entire narrative of this virus was a bio weapon implemented to slow down/crash the global financial system, force specific engineered vaccines, and a "digital certificate" (gps tracking system) in the form of a small rfid chip that gets inserted under the skin (they say) is to prove you got the vaccine.. but truth is it's part of the Global Government/Global Digital Currency/New World Order Totolitarimism agenda.


(This (mark) is also stated in the Bible in the book of Revelations

13:16-17) and known as "The Mark Of The Beast" And anyone who accepts this mark will be rejected from ever entering heaven and will have sided with the devil


Trump knows this, that's why he's looking for other means to treat it that are already available like combining hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin so they can treat any cases of it without the need for the fake weaponized vaccine..


The left/Financial Elite have been trying to push the world into the New World Order for Decades and realize they failed with the many investigations and impeachment attempts against trump.




With time running out, and have no candidates that can beat him, this coronavirus is their plan E to try and force him out of the office and crash the U.S financial system before the election.


Don't believe mainstream media: cnn, msnbc, abc, the view, etc. (The're all owned, operated, and funded by these same people, and scripted news personel to deliver "their" message to the people...but it isnt truth news* they are agenda driven narratives meant to convince you to believe theyre telling u the truth amd that everyone that disagrees w them is crazy* its media rumor brainwashing..



I worked for a news station and can tell you with all my years working alongside the Military, Department of Defense, and contract work (having held a secret clearance) what's true and what's BS, and can tell you the Truth is this virus was a bioweapon meant to bring down the final strand our financial system and bypass the election (the U.S financial system has been flushed down the toilet by the federal reserve ever since Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971 sending our country into a fiat currency printed black hole financially)


Our U.S Dollar is losing value/purchasing power with "Each Paper Dollar They Print" and with the current unlimited "Quantitative Easing" will result in a worthless USD fiat currency worth $0


First you will see price deflations, then price Inflations, leading to price hyperinflations, then ending with a complete collapse of the US Dollar itself as a whole. Want an example.. looke at Venezuela



Don't be fooled by the "Hate Trump" media rumors of the fake democrat funded media.. They WANT you to hate Trump because he's obstructing their plans.. (for the love of god and all that is holy do your own homework)



Off course they are going to push destructive narratives about him.. thats how brainwashing works... and if you still don't understand, or this isn't making sense to you let me break it down for you in crayon..







1.) Create a false story

2.) Give the BS story to the media you own/control

3.) Have all owned/controlled media stations push the same false story in #'s to the masses

4.) The gullible masses eat it up and see it as truth because it's on tv (so it must be true)..just like the internet right?

5.) The viewers of said news station now believe it to be fact (They close their eyes, plug their ears:: and everyone else is wrong!!)

6.) Democratic Brainwashing completed


It's common sense..wake up



This virus was funded by the same people trying to take control of our country, soros, rothschilds, rockefellers, etc and constructed by China to allow Bill Gates to force vaccines towards the rfid program, roll out a u.s digital, and global digital united nations global digital currency, and leverage for democrats to push vawa, gun control, and other specific aimed agendas.


Don't be fooled by it.. do your homework and wakeup to the real world we live in, and not the American Dream that has been brainwashed into our heads since we were kids.. or be weeded out by natural selection when the system finally collapses. (not if* but when) the choice is yours.. and the consequences of your decision are also yours


I am doing the homework, and providing you a head start..the rest is up to you.


The best investment you can make to yourself is your own education on what's real and what's a narrative-driven agenda. The next 2 links are crucial if you want to understand the truth of what's going on in this country.


Rise and Fall Of The American Dream


Mike Maloney - Hidden Secrets of Money (1-10) (6, and 7 are important too)


"You can choose to ignore reality"

"But you won't be able to ignore the consequences for ignoring reality"

Center For Health Security: Event 201

Mark Of The Beast

Obama Money To Wuhan

Fake News (National Brainwashing)

US Fate To Copy Venezuela


DEMOCRATIC: "Wrap Up Smear" Tactic


The American Dream (In Annimation)

Understanding The Financial Crisis

107660090_10157008085226829_184008561985456334_n 109758942_321746522289056_6796199096594751972_o



Bill Gates Involvement

       (Click Image)


DEMOCRATIC AGENDA: To Force Lockdowns > Push "Vote By Mail" > Overthrow And Cheat The Election > Remove Trump > NWO

Truth About Covid 19