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Syrian Refugee Program: ISIS Fighters in Sheeps Clothing

Obama's Syrian Refugee Program; Helping those in need? Or assiting the ISIS Muslim agenda with overthrowing the U.S And Europe?

Refugee Program was set in place to allow ISIS members to sneak into the country disguised as Syrian refugees. These ISIS members are being placed at the Muslim Training Sites around the U.S to be trained as soldiers for the day when they will "All" be activated in a simaltaneous attack acrossed the U.S as an internal Muslim/Islam Military within our own homeland.


This Simaltaneous attack will be used to put the final nail in the coffin to our economy causing the crash as a national attack at the scale would be too expensive for our government to be able to fund thus crashing throwing us into our debt ceiling. At this time; The U.S would not be able to use our troops due to financial reason and would have to enact Martial Law and bring in NATO troops to police the country to get civilization  back in order at a controlable level.


During this time of civil unrest, Americans will realize is was a government inside  job staging ISIS members in the refugee program to alter attack Americans during the economy crash thus leading to the III Civil War of Americans against Muslim Extremeists

Hillary Clinton: Claims 10,000 Refugees Isn't Enough, She Wants To Bring in 65,000