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Financial Elite/Global NWO Agenda

Understanding The Illuminati And The NWO Agenda


New World Order Speech

The term "New World Order" or NWO refers to worlds financial elite coming together for a common goal to emerge all governments and economies into a single standing entity ran by their control. Some of these families include the Rothschilds, and Rockafellers, Clintons, and Brittish Elite.


It has been investigated through recent events, that the financial elite are using tools such as the "Federal Reserve", Social Media (facebook, and twitter) and TV Production companies such as "Time Warner, Comcast, ABC/NBC" and various others to mold societies into a form of mental obedience by selective tv programming.


NOTE: How do parents manage their children when they want to get something done, or clean their house? "Stick them in front of a TV" The same is true for Adults. The Financial Elite choose topics to air the best help keep the AMericans living in a "Dream" while they work behind the curtain pulling the strings to accomplish their goals of a 1 world government ran by them*


The NWO also consists of "Population control agenda of 500,000,000" people.  They claim the world cannot be sustained with food and resources if the population reaches that. That plan is what is referred to as "Agenda 21" via the united nations.


George Bush Defines New World Order

* Remove gold/silver backing from U.S Dollar (Nixon 71)

* Start wars to establish Rothschild Global Central Banks In Every Country

* Create Executive Orders For Full Control of U.S in the event of a disaster

* Debase U.S Currency via Federal Reserve to prepare for "The Great Reset"

* Establish FEMA for disaster control authority

* Create FEMA hardened Safe centers (Internment  Camps)

* Complete weapons ban and gun confiscation

* Slowly remove and outlaw christianity while implementing Islam

* Abolish U.S Police & Military and establish globcal Militarized Police Force

* Divide the U.S into groups / Start race wars / Pro-Anti Wars / and internal conflicts

* Remove U.S Fiat Currency and Coins to push cashless global Digital Financial System

* Roll out 5G for the Global Digital FInancial System & Global Surveilance System

* Implement ID2020 Microchip Implant (Created by Bill Gates)

* Hand U.S over to United Nations for which U.S will then be referred to as "Districts"

* Outlaw freedom of speech and remove U.S History and Abolish the Constitution

* Implement Socialism - Convert u.s to communistic  rule

* Remove Fossil Fuels/Oil and Gas Powered cars

* Roll out United Nations Troops to police the U.S going forward