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Mask Mandate Orders: About Compliance and Control

I've about had it with this whole paranoid liberal mask-wearing false flag media-driven nonsense..not to mention the ignorant, gullible people that are still falling for this trying to make people wear masks, and attacking elderly and women because theyre not wearing one..


SO.. I am making this post and visual to HOPEFULLY wake the rest of you sheep up to what's "really" going on..If this doesn't get through to you.. nothing will..


It's time to apply a little common sense--> It's not about the dangers of "covid" anything --> it's about compliance, control, and social conditioning to manipulate the gullible people to obey in silence, not to mention the leftists driven agenda to try and cheat and try to overthrow the election just like they tried to do in 2015.


For those of you still drinking the liberal media Koolaid as fact sources, let me break it down for you in crayons:


Virus Size:

Avian Flu/Bird Flu: 100 nanometers in diameter

Corona Virus/AKA Sars: 100 nanometers in diameter


Mask Size:

N95 Mask (Most protective mask available)

Mask Pore size = 300 – 500 nanometers in diameter


--> Given the extremely small size of sars/corona virus; it can pass right through both the surgical masks and the N95 respirator. (Do you really think your bandanna or home made mask is going to work better than a medical-grade respirator?)


Conclusion: --> Masks Don’t work! Stop being so gullible..


Side Effects of wearing masks:

Lightheadedness, shortness of breath, headaches, acne, development of chronic dermatitis due to chemicals in the mask fibers, weakened immune system, reduced levels of oxygen, new patterns of skin wrinkling, development of chronic respiratory conditions due to inhalation of microfibers in the materials of the mask, etc.



Your eyes have just as much access to take in the coronavirus (as your mouth or nose) and your masks do not cover them.





If someone sneezes in your face, and it gets into your eyes you’re going to contract it regardless. If they were really concerned about a virus that’d have you wear a face shield and not a worthless mask that symbolizes “silence/to not have a voice”


Wearing a mask is about compliance and control... wake up and stop acting like mindless sheep.. enough is enough

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"Wear The Right Mask"

Download Printable Mask 51+BaGDA+gL._AC_UL1024_ 105707771_10222086406816466_6894578813434968441_o

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NOTE: Guy Fawkes Mask: Symbolizes Being Awake To What's Going On > And Part Of The Resistence Against Tyranny And Government Corruption