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ISIS: Islamic State - Iraq & Syria

ISIS was created via Saudia Arabia and the U.S's CIA to unite the muslim brotherhood for a common goal. Many do not know; but 9/11 was an agreed upon funded attack via Saudia Arabia to give the U.S an excuse to invade Iraq and Remove Sadam from Power so that ISIS could be created to dominate the region, spread islam, and help Iran to become the nuclear super power of the region.

ISIS or the Islamic State was initially built via funding from the Saudi Arabian Government after Sadam was removed from power; and after the U.S removed its troops from Iraq which left Iraq wide open, and vulnerable to the taking as there was no longer a present force of stability keeping the country in order.


What many people do not know, is that ISIS was actually created, privately funded, and established via (Saudia Arabia, the U.S's CIA, Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.) It was believed that their intention was to remove Sadam from Iraq, and Al Assad from Power in Syria to create a weakend destablized Iraq which would allow Iran to become the Power country of the region.


Once ISIS established a stable foothold in Iraq; Iran then established the Nuclear Deal With the U.S to further their goal of full control over the region via creation of their Nuclear arsenal. With Iraq and Syria now in shambles; ISIS was free and clear to use the Syrian Oil to continue their own self funding and self support their cause.




To further climb into the rabbit hole; Many people have heard of the "Benghazi" attack. all over the news. How ever; many people do not understand the story behind it, or how it adds to the corruption of our political officilas in our country. As Such; I will lay out the entire agenda here dating back to September 11, 2001.




3 months leading up to 9/11; There was a meeting with Bush administration, and the Saudi Leaders kept in secret; but on the books. 3 months prior to the 9/11 attack, there were reports of "Electrical Workers" arriving at the WTC from the hours of 11pm - 3am to Work on "Electrical Issues"







Residue Left From The Use Of "Nano Thermite" and the Iron spheres found at ground zero during clean up


Nano-thermite or super-thermite is a metastable intermolecular composite (MICs) characterized by a particle size of its main constituents, a metal and a metal oxide, under 100 nanometers.

This allows for high and customizable reaction rates which can melt even the strongest steel like butter in seconds

Russian President Vladamir Putin Speaks On Who Created ISIS

Alleged American ISIS defector caught in Iraq



During the attack of 9/11; Several fire fighters heard what sounded like explosions or gun shots coming from around the building. At the same time, pictures show what looks like molten steel pouring out of the WTC before the collapse. At the ground level, they found "Iron Spheres" had formed after cooling which is what happens to Thermite when it cools.

From this evidence, the resulting cause of the tower collapse was a combination of controlled explosions mixed with Nano Thermite being used to melt the beams. The jet fuel from the plane was how the Nano Thermite was ignited.


You are probably asking; why talk about 9/11? Well, that's for 1 simple reason.


Bush and the Saudi's needed a reason to wage a war on Iraq to remove Sadam from power to destablize Iraq so ISIS could be created.


Why you ask? Saudi and Iran have been duelling over being the Super Power of the Middle East since what seems like the beginning of time. Iran has always been at war with Iraq (Sunnis Vrs Shites) how ever Sadam was standing in Irans way of complete control; so he had to be removed.


Saudi agreed to fund the 9/11 attack so Bush would have a relevent cause to send our troops to Iraq to remove sadam and ultimately destablize the region so that way ISIS could be born to dominate the country, capture the oil, and assist Iran to set the stage for the "Iran Nuclear Deal" and become  the super Power of that region so that the U.S, Iran, and complete Eastern Europe could be an ajoined opposing force against Russia and China (as they have currently joined forces in the far East and are removing themself from the U.S Petro/Dollar)


If you notice: Right after Sadam was taken out, ISIS was born, Iraq was captured and controlled; THEN Iran signed the Nuceal deal with the U.S and is now building and testing Nuclear missles all while threathing Israel in which is a "Christian Country". This was their plan since 2001. And now is becoming the reality.







Compare this "Professional Demolition"To the Collapse of the 9/11 Towers

Now compare It to the Dubai 2016 Burning Hotel: Burned for 14 Hours "Didn't Fall"


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

CBS 47 News:  Saudi Arabia Has Documents Proving Them Responsible For 9/11