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Since the economic scare of 2008, and the debt ceiling scare of 2012; The U.S and main stream media have confirmed to the public that the Economy was improving, Unemployment was lowering per quarter, and claiming the U.S Dollar was getting stronger all in which couldn't be further from the truth.


The U.S is only "Appearing Normal" because of the Federal Reserves Financial Life Support system  called "Quantitative Easing" or "QE" Money Printing


The U.S is currently $19,115,741,900,999 In Debt and growing in the millions every day. To Put reality into perspective for you at what this debt looks like; look at the money Diagrams below


US Debt 06_2015

$1 Trillion

$15 Trillion

Total Debt 2016

What Federal Reserve Prints Every Month

Curent Debt Per 03/17/2016


Ask yourself: In the above chart; At any point in time do you see our Debt reducing? Or is it just going up? Think about that for a moment. Our Economy "Will Collapse" not "IF" but "WHEN"

                          USD Currency Crash

U.S Dollar/Fiat Currency, Economy, And Cause of Martial Law


U.S Dollar, Economy, Monetary System & The Cause = Federal Reserve

U.S Dollar Collapse Iminent

Foreign nations have begun dumping the U.S Dollar

U.S Debt (Real Time U.S Debt) Site For Images Below (Check For Yourself)