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George Floyd Funeral

George Floyd Funeral Service: Questions

* What happened to mandatory closed churches, closed funeral services in attendance.. yet they're allowed at this one?



* What happened to the 6ft Social Distancing rule? that doesn't apply here either?



* Since when does a no-name guy off the street (That was arrested for trying to use counterfeit currency) get rewarded as a hero and given a "Televised Celebrity Funeral Service"



* His family was not very wealthy, how'd they afford to pull this off and with a Gold Plated (closed) Casket??



At what point do you stop and ask questions, and ask yourself what's really going on with all of this, Covid, The Riots, Now This..



Like you see with the fake news (fake news hasn't changed) it's all done with intent to brainwash and manipulate the gullible people into following a new norm that are establishing pebble by pebble.



Stop being sheep blindly following every one of their queues and start asking questions!


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