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Covid-19: George Floyd Staged False Flag Riots

George Soros Funded: Staged riots to start race wars and attempt to hurt Trump

Attention Riot Sheeple Of The World: Covid19?



(Get this out to everyone who will listen* Be mindful of the "Distraction Techniques" they are using)



You need to realize these riots are not because of George Floyd.. George Floyd was the scapegoat excuse to start these..



Small riot groups are being funded by "George Soros" and the "Democrat Leftist Movement" (disguised as Antifa )To initiate massive aggressive protests and riots all over the US.. just like in 2016 w Black Lives Matters, and the Beyonce Black Panthers Football Half Time Show. They are even coordinating and staging random pallets of bricks during the day for riot groups to use to smash the surrounding buildings before the protests even take place.


Antifa - Paid Professional Protestors


Random Pallet of Bricks Showing Up At Riot Scene:


Random Pallet of Bricks Showing Up At Riot Scene 2


Cop Breaking Windows: Starting Riot


Previous protester events funded by George Soros:


Paid Protester of George Soros:

















Keep your eyes open for the charter busses with the text labels on the side that says "Soros Riot Dance Squad" or any other random, or strange charter busses parked around the areas. These will be the riot initiators.



You people need to realize the reason why this is being done... "Distractions"



Riots = Leftist excuse to later lock everyone down again in the fall claiming there have been massive covid 19 cases spread due to all the close proximity riots around the country



George Floyd - even spread to U.K (Really?)



If you notice right now... the news is not covering anything relating Corona.. Everything is tailored and focused towards attention on the riots so they can get as much nationwide coverage as possible, and to get as many people aware of riots to join in..


By doing so, they're going to use this as an excuse To issue a second Covid19 lock down in the fall (during the election) because of massive spread of covid19 at the riots.



(bullshit excuse...but that will be their excuse)



Which then they (the left) would then require the entire country to vote from home by mail through the election, and state that because of the massive amount of cases.. There is not enough hydroxychloroquine/zinc/zpac medication available to treat the cases, so they would have to "force vaccinations" to stop the spread (it has been their goal all along)


With postal resources already spread thin, the sorrows funded groups would then try to rig the election against trump again* in attempts to remove him from office (just like he tried to do in 2016 w the electronix voting machines.)







Soro's other initiative is to put the final nail in the U.S Monetary System coffin --> collapsing the U.S Dollar and U.S Monetary System to make way for their Digital Global Currency and New World Order Global Government Initiative.



This is why they are targeting small mom and pop shops and local businesses--> they know these small businesses have been barely getting by being closed for months in lockdown, yet the corporate chain stores remained opened* They're trying to washout all of the private businesses entirely. Yes the business owners will claim their insurance money, but most will just retire, and be done with it.



For the Rioters Out there: This goes out to you.. You Talk about how "Trump is destroying the Country" but when reality.. you "Are actually destroying the country". For every store you smash, steal from, or set ablaze.. think of "how many people just lost their jobs and won't be able to pay their bills or feed their kids thanks to you"..and for what.!?. a free tv!?



You people are acting like mindless sheep.. and falling right into their traps... and in the end.. you're screwing everyone including your grandparents and your future kids.



The "George Floyd" Riots were orchestrated and funded by "George Soros" to create an excuse to lock us down a 2nd time in the fall (just in time for the election) so the Leftist/Democrats can try to cheat and overthrow the election by forcing a "vote-from home- by-mail" agenda and so they have another excuse to try forcing Bill Gates mandatory vaccinations and his ID2020 RFID chip implant agenda



It's time to pay attention and realize what they're trying to do before it's too late. #WAKEUP



163 Paid Protesters Filed Lawsuit Against George Soros For Not Paying Their Bail

Antifa Paid Protesters

Staged Riots: Random Bricks 2

Staged Riots: Random Bricks 1

Cop Breaking Windows: To Start Riot

Protester Events Funded By George Soros

Video Wall Divider 2

Protester Events Funded By George Soros

George Floyd Spread to U.K? Chinese Vows To Lead NWO 101256091_10221807307759164_6996283274557390848_n 101951323_10221801774260830_5075828874814685184_n 102396801_10221848460587959_2630885378260729856_n 12302122-16x9-xlarge 101295769_10221802031987273_5528984625038229504_n George Floyd No Legs

Where did George Floyds Legs go?

163 Paid Protesters File Lawsuit Against Soros