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The Reasons Demon-crats Staged The False Flag Riots

Defund And Abolish Police - Blame Trump For Incompetence - Destroy Justice System Institutions And Small Businesses

The "Real" reason for the False Flag George Floyd Staged Riots.


Democrats needed a platform excuse to put another "agenda driven" domino on the table to abolish all (city,county,state) police so they can add this to their NWO Agenda to establish the U.N - Global/1 World International Police.


This is how Democrats work..


1.)Self Create And Stage A BS Problem

2.)Promote The Problem "You staged" in the media you own and control

3.) Try To Convince The Gullible People This Is The Reason Things Need To Change

4.) Offer A Solution (You Pre-built) To The Change

5.) Influence People To Accept the Change and cutdown,insult, reverse project bias, and discredit anyone that refuses to accept it.


Result: Society Agenda Driven Brainwashing Complete


6.) Repeat onto next agenda driven issue.


They also use this same process to claim false allogations against people they want to bring down, and to convince the america people that the false narrative lies are true about any person they target. (E.g Trump, Kavanaugh, etc)


Democrats call this the "Wrap-up Smear Tactic" you can even hear Pelosi explain it in her own words.


If you don't believe the current Democrats are evil and want to abolish God from our country watch this snippet from congress for yourself.


Removal Of God From Congress Oath:


#Wakeup #AbolishTheDemocrats

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