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DEMOCRATIC AGENDA: To Force Lockdowns > Push "Vote By Mail" > Overthrow And Cheat The Election > Remove Trump > NWO


So China releases the Coronavirus right after Trump hit them with financial tariffs, their people get sick and went into hibernation, all while they infected our country, and are crashing our monetary system from the inside as financial retaliation... and now they/China are completely recovered from it like a fart in the wind..


What part of this doesn't scream (retaliated bioweapon) that slowly breaks down our countries financial system from the inside?


Then tell me its not a staged event.. ok how about this: (check the date) Coincidence? or common sense



This whole Corona virus thing is not a pandemic... "It's a plannedemic"


They're maliciously/silently trying to crash the US economy to bring in the new global new order system, And the new digital global reserve currency.


Even president Bush senior talked about the new world order back in his speech during his presidency, you can find it on YouTube... Wake up to what they're really trying to do.. And don't believe the false narrative that this came from bats or snakes.. Be smarter than that, pay attention to what's going on and do your homework..


I guarantee you if the Jews knew what was "really" planned for them during Hitler's days, they would have never gotten into those cattle cars.. They were fed bullshit protection, better lives, and false government promised hopes and dreams.. And look at where that got them.. dont trust a government that wants to disarm u.


This disarm u, so they wont have any resistence to control you.


Wake up

Center For Health Security: Event 201

Obama Money To Wuhan

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2019 Pandemic Test Run (PreCovid19)