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COVID-19 Ponzi Scheme

DEMOCRATIC AGENDA: To Force Lockdowns > Push "Vote By Mail" > Overthrow And Cheat The Election > Remove Trump > NWO




#Covid19 For all of those people following as sheep with the covid19 "Stay Home Stay Safe" bs..and "Cover Your Face" mindful


This whole Corona virus "In the U.S" is a democratic opportunity being used as a just another political weapon in attempt to overthrow and manipulate the election by trying to force manditory "vote by mail" and life threating vaccines followed by requiring digital certifates (before they let u go back to work or school) it's about control and tracking


U.S Congress - Trace Act 6666


This has been funded by Bill Gates and the obama administrstion when research on the virus was being conducted in North Carolina in a U.S military research facility in 2006 when a request for a patent was requested by pibardt company (owned by the bill and melinda gates foundation) only to be later being shut down for being unsafe and off shore transfered and funded by Obamas administration to a level 3 lab in wuhan tp have the research finished (which is why China blames the U.S) The vaccine patent was also submitted be pibardt which was approved in November 2019.


If you prefer to bury your head in the sand and believe the false narratives that is your choice. Staying ignorant is also your choice.. But the consequences in the near future for staying ingorant will also result from your choice.



If you have something negative to say, or some insult to waste everyone's time with, don't post it here just block me because I don't want anythinf to do with you chilidish "insultive types" anyways.


I'm here trying to help people, and trying to help wake people up to what's going on, so I don't need any of those Negative insult comments just wasting space and peoples time, save it for someone that cares.


If you can't or don't want or have any interest in helping people, keep your chilidish comments to yourself and stay out of our way!





Ask medical professional.."over using" masks will actually make you more prone to illness..because you're blocking out the good bacteria your body needs to build antibodies to build a strong immune system to fight the same time breathing in large ammounts of carbondioxide which leads to whats know. As "carbon dioxide toxification" Which in itself can make you sick or or more prone to illness by breathing in all that trapped carbondioxide going into the mask which builds up moisture and can trap incoming flu particles that can absorb through the moist mask.




The longer they wear masks the weaker their immune could potentially get. So when they eventually take the mask off.. you're going to start seeing huge spikes in colds and flus because peoples immune systems would have dropped so much by "over wearing" the masks/face coverings


I'm NOT saying to not wear masks..but ONLY wear them when you really think you need to, or when you are in close proximity to other people. If you're just walking down the street, golfing, or walking through an open's overkill.


As multiple researchers have found this is a weak @$$ virus. There are several things that kill Covid-19 and aid your immune system such as:


- Vitamin C

- Zinc

- Mid u.v content Sun Exposure

- Heat outside (or even inhailing hot air from a hair dryer (hand partially covering the intake vent) or even hot boxing in your car (driving w windows up heater on for as hot/long as you can stand) for respitory issues

- hydroxychloriqine mixed with azithromycin

- there are others


Stay inside? Why so the Sun can't kill the virus naturally? Go garden or play golf to get that Sunny goodness..


If the democrats get their way, there will be 2nd lock down in the fall (JUST BEFORE THE ELECTION) to "try" and manipulate/force the "Vote By Mail" agenda so they can try to overthrow the election by manipulating the votes via mail ballots. That is their primary narrative with this virus, to overthrow the election by vote manipulation by illegal means.


California voters asked to vote by mail in November due to coronavirus fears


Every California voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot this fall


I wish the majority would stop being so ignorant and connect the damn dots..


Plan A,B,C: Alleged Trump Russia investigation = fell flat

Plan D: Multiple bogus impeachment attempts = fell flat

plan E: Corona virus


= all attempt to over throw trump and collapse the u.s financial system.


If you want to build your immune system; up your dose of Vitamin C and Zinc and just cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough or sneeze.







If you voted/vote Democrat.. you're voting for a global communistic over throw of this country.. and our way of life.



If you can't see that already..or don't really know..then I suggest it's time you start opening your eyes and doing your homework.. Ignorance will only carry you so far but will affect us all.


We're all adults.. use some common sense and you'll all be fine


Godbless America - And those fighting to keep God in our core.


And just remember...


*If they can convince you to wear this->




* It will be easier for them to convince you to wear this-->




Center For Health Security: Event 201 coronavirus-scam-generic

2019 Pandemic Test Run (PreCovid19)

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