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"Covid19 Data Manipulation & Mail In Voting Fraud"

For those that think* (Mail in voting is safe*) I'll just leave this here.

If you live in a "Democratic" Governed state Expect this.

This whole covid nonesense is a ponzy scheme in their attempt to try and remove Trump and over throw this country to then hand it over on a silver plater to the globalists


(which would be the end to our freedom, liberty, and way of life as we know it.)


You want to see for yourself how fake the news information is on Covid-19?


Go on Google... type in (ANY 3 digit number) then type "New Cases"


"123 New Cases"

"321 New Cases"

"111 New Cases"

"999 New Cases"


Hell..put in your area code for shits and giggles..etc..(Google will self generate fake covid articles on what ever ### you type in)


And get a look for yourself how even Google is helping them push fake information to try and scare people into compliance.


What's funnier...even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slipped up and outlined their actual agenda before she was advised to remove it from twitter (screen shot attached)





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