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COVID, Cashless & Coin Shortage: What you need to know:

You may start seeing the whole "Coin Shortage Signs" or "We Are Not Accepting Cash" signs..It's all part of the Covid scam.. they're going to claim "physical currency" paper dollars/coins are unsanitary and can absorb/carry the virus there for its unsafe to use and must go cashless*


"It's bs..and an excuse" but that's the sales pitch cover story they're going try to utilize to get the ignorant people to follow their agenda and obey like good sheep.


What you* need to understand is that Covid19 has been created/developed/implemented as a bio weapon/tool Ponzi scheme that is being overhyped to:


1.) Overthrow/cheat the election to remove Trump

2.) Crash small businesses to bottleneck stores so we only have and can utilize the mainstream corporate stores only

3.) Devalue and Debase the U.S fiat currency

4.) Crash the U.S Financial System (Completely) (in agenda to role out the 1 world digital currency through the United Nations and their IMF)

5.) Roll out and implement force vaccinations and Bill Gate's ID2020 Microchipping agenda.


Note: the vaccine* is going to contain the microchip aka "digital verification of vaccination" that will also be utilized to carry the new digital wallet of the global digital crypto currency. It is referred to in the Bible as "The Mark of The Beast". The IMF is planning to role out after the "U.S Reserve Fiat Currency" is removed for good off the global stage.


If Trump is overthrown, their goal/agenda is to hand the U.S over to the United Nations on a silver platter to be part of the 1 world government.


For all you "Trump Haters" listen up.. and listen up closely.. what you need to understand is this.. Whether you like him.. or Hate him that is irrelevant right now..


The fight for our sovereignty, freedom, and our entire American way of life is at stake right now by very rich, powerful, evil people like the Rothschilds, Soros, Rockefeller, JP Morgan-Chase, and others on the celebrity stage looking to enslave the masses into their 1 world government system.





Now I KNOW.. this sounds like science fiction.. and it will scare a lot of people.. BUT.. it is very very real.. covering your eyes, or trying to convince yourself it's some "Conspiracy Theory" is not going to make it go away.. it's only going to make you more gullible, and vulnerable to the reality of it in the coming days/weeks/months.


You need to know... and know this well --> "If Trump is cheated out or overthrown and loses this election" the American way of life you grew up knowing?..and your children/and grandchildren's future.. and freedoms will be gone forever.


#wakeup while you still can..Willful Blindness, ignorance, or the normalcy Bias will not save you.


Educated your selves, prepare, and for heaven's sake.. find yourselves, find Jesus, repent and get ready.


The war for our freedom, our faith, and our voice is about to begin.


Know the #Truth about covid & mask wearing:


~ Corey Sexton


P.S - Here's what a "Cashless" world would actually mean to you, your kids, your family, and the "New Normal" way of life.

Video Wall Divider 2 What A Cashless World Means To You

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Truth Aboud Covid 19 Mask Wearing

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