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Expect COVID 3.0 - Mutation BullShit (Fake)

Roadmap of events to expect for the next 2 years under Biden/CamelFace

Posted 11/09/2020

ATTENTION: I need everyone that follows me to read this

I am completely exhausted from trying to keep up with all of the information I have to get out to everyone, but EVERYONES needs to know what the LEFT are up to and what you're going to see in the coming months (IF) Biden some how manages to defraud his way through the trap


Section 1: Agenda A

Biden/CamelFace are looking to enforce/Mandate MANDATORY masks in all 50 states, and eventually enlarge it by passing Legislature to make it a law. (Anyone familair with sharia law knows what this looks like.. Google Burka/Hijab - This is their long term goal by slowly getting people used to wearing masks, and eventually making it a LAW just like in islamic SHARIA LAW


Section 2: Agenda B

You are going to see a FALSE Covid 3.0/new strain of virus come out after the election, claiming the virus has evolved and become more deadly which the LEFT will use as an EXCUSE to issue a 2nd LOCK DOWN - with no end date, forced testing, forced door to door tracking and tracing, and eventually forced vaccinations. Within this agenda, you will not be able to leave your house without a.) being tested (you will test positive even if you're not) b.) required to take vaccination for this new virus (which will have a digital certificate chip implanted into your hand showing that you received the vaccination. c.) anyone without the vaccination will not be able to travel, work, or have a normal life.


Section 3.)  Agenda C

From a long term lock down, that would thwart the Circulation of Currency in our Monetary system causing a complete Financial System Gridlock causing the system to implode aggressively pushing us into financial meltdown 10x worse than the great depression. (Remember when you couldn't find TP or Lysol in stores?) this will carry over to food, medical supplies, and daily necessities as this time.."Truck drivers will no long be allowed on the road to deliver supplies" causing food shortages like you've never seen which will lead to people panicking, rioting, looting, and stealing/robbing neighbors.

This financial meltdown will not only affect the U.S, but will snowball to the rest of the world collapsing the GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM as a whole.




Section 4.) Agenda D

The U.S will then partner with China and United nations and all sovereign nations will then come together to inact a (New World Order) Global Government System, Global Digital Currency (which also will use that rfid chip that's implanted in your hands from the forced vaccinations. And you will not be able to buy, sell, or pay your bills without having that rfid chip (also known in the Bible as the "Mark Of The Beast - 666)


This will be referred to as the "The Great Reset" In this program, they will offer to pay off ALL of your debt, house, car, student loans, Credit Cards etc in return you hand over rights to all of your possessions to them. This will be MANDATORY anyone who refuses to accept the reset will be arrested and sent to interment/reeducation camps.  .  



THIS - is the America Biden supporters have voted for.. THIS is the future that lies ahead in the coming days UNLESS Biden and the corrupt left Deep State are rooted out.

Quote Me! - Save this article, copy it, download it, share it..what ever you have to do...THIS IS.. what is coming.. this IS what BIDEN SUPPORTERS voted for..


Unless we all root out this corruption, this will be our future - and there will be NO GOING BACK>

NOTE: Biden hasn't even been "officially elected" and they're ALREADY setting the stage for their covid lock down 3.0 tyranical rule!  You've been warned - 


Happy yet? The worst is yet to come -



AND I QUOTE: George Bush Senior



* Remove gold/silver backing from U.S Dollar (Nixon 71)

* Start wars to establish Rothschild Global Central Banks In Every Country

* Create Executive Orders For Full Control of U.S in case of disaster

* Debase U.S Currency via Federal Reserve

* Establish FEMA for disaster control authority

* Create FEMA hardened Safe centers (concentration Camps)

* Remove Christianity promote Islam

* Abolish Police & Military

* Divide the U.S into groups / Start race wars / Pro-Anti Wars / and internal conflicts

* Remove U.S Fiat Currency and Coins to push cashless global Digital Financial System

* Roll out 5G for the Global Digital Surveillance System

* Implement ID2020 Microchip Implant (Created by Bill Gates)

* Hand U.S over to United Nations to be converted to as a district

* Implement Socialism - convert U.S to communistic  rule

* Roll out United Nations Troops to police the U.S going forward

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726744_1_m 2020-11-09 00_58_51-Denmark plans to cull up to 17 million mink to stop mutated coronavirus - CNN 2020-11-09 01_10_36-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay


covid 30 bs

CNN News Posts Posted on 11/07/2020 - "Right After Biden Was Declared President"