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Black Lives Matters = (George Soros Orchestrated) Democratic Money Laundering Organization

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BlacklivesMatter is an international money laundering program used by the Democratic National Committee to raise money from international audiences by bleeding sympathy from ignorant.


Do you remember Black Lives Matter in 2015 "pre election" of Donald Trump? -> "BLM" was created and adopted as massively popular out of thin air* and was pushed all over the country even including the return of the Black Panthers including Beyonces Black Panthers NFL half time show. Keep in mind, Black Panthers was founded in 1966 by Huey Newton and fizzled out entirely by 1982, yet magially just happened to resurface in 2015 when the Democrats were backed into a corner with no campaign funding while losing to Trump.


They needed a sympathy tool to syphon money out of gullible people for Hillary's failing campaign > hello creation of the "Black lives Matters" money laundering initiative. Start race wars, make the weak minded people feel sorry for their false black lives matters donation narratives, reroute the money to the Democratic party and wa la, free campaign money.


Fast forward --> November 2016 --> Trump won the election and BOTH "BLM and Black Panthers" completely disapeared for 4 years until re-election 2020" they magically pop back up full steam out of no where(?)


I'll give you a moment to let that sink in..


For all you gullible BLM activists.. let me educate you on what you're actually supporting-->


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Black Lives Matters is a "George Soros" funded hate group (Like his other funded hate group Antifa" meant to cause national divide, civil unrest, race wars, and to raise funding for the democratic presidential nominee (aka Biden)


As soon as the election is over, BLM/Black Panthers will once again disapear like a fart in the wind (quote me)

Black Panthers: NFL Halftime Show 2015

BLM Donations Sent To Bidens Campaign

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#Wakeup and stop throwing your money away


It "isn't" going to Black Lives Matter anything


It's being laundered to "Bidens Presidential campaign"

Black Lives Matter Website & Donations Act Blue 2020 Expenditures