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Leading To The Benghazi Cover Up: Hillary's Involvement

Obama and Hillary knew about the attack on Benghazi Before it happened; and ignored the duress calls during the attack

U.S Supply Drop Sent To ISIS By Hillary/Obama

As seen in the video to the Right; ISIS managed to capture a U.S Supply drop "By Mistake" from the U.S that was meant for the Iraqi forces fighting "Against ISIS" It was said the Supply drop was accidentally dropped at the wrong location via bad communication but was actually a deliberate attempt to assist ISIS but was later covered up as an "Oops"


Later in the game, the U.S was wanting to send another supply drop to ISIS consisting of Weapons, Clothing, Vehicles, Food, and other supplies but knew they couldn't do another air drop as they already used up their "Oops" excuse and couldn't risk a second one.


Hillary  and Obama then decided to run a "Ground Convoy" up to Syria but would involve running through Benghazi. (If common sense hasn't hit you yet let me explain)  The supply run meant for ISIS fighters in Syria would have to be on a U.S convoy escorted up to Syria but would have to pass through Benghazi and near the U.S Embassy which was on that route.


Saudis/Iran again funded an attack on the U.S Embassy to remove all eye witnesses from U.S involvement that the U.S was supplying ISIS with weapons, vehicles and other needed supplies. As such, the attack on the Embassy was staged in advance as Hillary gave the Green light for the attack to happen and for the convoy to go through "Thus all of the coverup over her private email server knowing** it was an attack and that it was taking place" which is why the U.S did not respond**


If you notice; After the attack on Benghazi; ISIS started releasing new propoganda videos with "new Uniforms" driving brand new Pickup trucks, and crates of newly printed flags all expensed by the U.S government to get ISIS up and running.


But then the plot thickens; Once ISIS had what they needed they began taking over the Oil Fields in Syria which is how they obtained their wealthl; but they had a problem.. "They had the Oil.. but how do they profit from it??


It was then coordinated that ISIS members would have to clear a supply route through Iraq to Turkey to allow the oil trucks a clear undisturbed path to the Turkish Marina's to be sold and exported for a profit. You later hear about Putin uncovering this, and then started launching air strikes against ISIS's Oil Convoys to Turkey.


Lastly; You notice how AFTER ISIS took over the oil fields, and started making a profit off the oil; how the U.S Gas Prices suddenly dropped BELOW $2 a Gallon? It's all thanks to Obama buying the oil FROM ISIS.. so if you like having cheap Gasoline; Thank the terroists.

Russian Surveillancee Footage: ISIS Oil Convoy To Turkey