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10 Steps When Arguging With A Liberal

Understand these 10 things

Avoid bashing your head into a wall and retain your sanity


Arguing With liberals


This what an argument with an uneducated liberal looks like.


1.)You post a factual comment to a post


2.) They laugh at it like hyenas


3.) You provide another cited factual statement of information


4.) They run their mouth to your factual comments with insults or fake news or Facebook rumors they heard from a friend of a friend (so it's true)


5.) You offer to debate factual information w them


6.)They laugh, scapegoat make excuses and call you the scripted narratives they heard on tv: Racist, Xenophobe, Homophobe, Bigot etc.. (all for which they don't even know the definitions of the words)


7.) You provide a long list of details to cite your factual information on the topic


8.) They go silent, then respond later with more scapegoat insults and deflect anything you say to avoid having to answer (Because they realize they have no clue)


9.) They then delete your long descriptive comment, fact details...--> (but keeping their last one) (to make it look like you didn't respond anymore) (Screenshot your responses)


10.) They then Runaway and block you when they can't answer any of it to avoid public humiliation


NOTE To Liberals:

If you haven't factually researched the topic you are commenting on.. do us all a favor ...and keep it to yourself, or between your other liberal buddies




You want to ACTUALLY have an intellectual conversation on the actual "Facts'


Because we know..Once you run out of scripted phrases.. you're just going short circuit and run away anyways.


This is the world we live in.. A world of sheeple cowards