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What Is Fall Of America

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The World Is About To Change Forever As We Know it

* The Global Financial System and U.S Currency Is About to Collapse (The Great Reset)

* Our Country Is Being Strategicly And Incrementally Divided Internally By Fake News And Staged Anti/Race/Religion/Sex Wars

* The Left/Democrats And Financial Elite Are Trying To Push The World Into The New World Order (Socialism->Communism)

* Radical Islamic Extremeist Aim To Aboilish All Religions And Make Islam The Global Religion

* The Left/Democrats/Elites Are Trying To Abolish All Fiat Currency/Coins To Make It A Cashless Society

* Bill Gates Aims To Force Vaccinations That May Harm/Kill Many People

* Bill Gates Is Trying To Force Implementing His ID2020 Microchip Implants (Bible: Mark Of The Beast)

* And Loads More

" Do Your Own Research"    Get Prepared - Protect Yourself &  Help Others


This Site Is Your Re-Education Information Road Map To Get You Up Speed Quickly


America as we know it has been defined as "The Land Of Dreams" also commonly referred to as the "American Dream". It has been labeled this by the generations of immigrants that have resettled and built a life here away from their native countries in hopes of living a happier, more successful life. (School, Career, Family, House Etc)


What many people do not know; Is that the so called "American Dream" was founded by a handful of #FinancialElite groups. These so called "Financial Elites"consisted of the several of the worlds wealthiest and most powerful and politically influencial families" such as the Rockafellers, Soro's, J P Morgan, and the Rothschilds. These types of wealthy families sought out a long term agenda of greed, power, and global control by means of controlling the worlds financial system. Our current financial system was built on a foundation we refer to as the "European Central Bank" scheme which later then led to the birth of the U.S Federal Reserve in the U.S which is a privately owned and operated European Central bank. Don't let the name fool you, It's about as "Federal" as federal express.


The "American Dream" is just that.. "A Dream." The cars we drive, houses we live in, have all been bought through "Financing and Loans" via these Central Banks. When they loan you money, they own your money, and ultimately have control over you through those loans. If you miss a payment, they take it all away from you and resell it to some other sucker + some and make you pay the difference.. Either way "They Win" over and over again and we fall further into debt.


It was once said: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild 


What many people do not realize is that "If you control a nations money; You control the people; Which points out a biblocal prophecy called the "New World Order" which is where all nations are under the control of 1 socialistic, communist government where everything is tracked, traced, and monitored. The financial system would be a cashless, digital crypto currency system, and if you disobeyed their laws they could shut off your access to your own finances as punishment. They could see every thing you buy, every place you go, every person you talk to, and any conversation you held and use it against you in accorandace to their law. A small taste of this? try posting something true on facebook that isn't a part of their beliefs, they will block your ability to be able to comment, post, use their dating app, send links or pictures, and various others. Your life in a NWO scenario would be the exact same way, but on every level.


I've heard of people preaching about the NWO and the RFID microchip that is implanted in your hand, and stores your finances, Drivers License, Medical information, everything about you* since I was a kid and I always rolled my eyes at them thinking they were nuts.


This was until I spent time working with the U.S government and learned the truth of the matter and the under lying agenda for which I will unveal throughout subject focused pages thru this website. Everything from our Economy, to ISIS, and the NWO agenda.


In the bible this RFID/Microship (Bill Gate's ID2020 agenda) is referred to in the "book of Revelations" as the Mark of the Beast. That he/she will not be able to buy/or sell without the mark of the beast or the number of his name tattooed on them and he/she that accepts this mark shall be forver condemmed and unsaveable.


Just like the pre 2016 Presidential Election,  there are several things to take into consideration that are not being covered as they should be.  1 of them being the debt caused by the U.S Federal Reserve leading to the collapse of our $USD currency and ultimate death of the "U.S.A" as we've been born and raised into.  "The world as we know it is  about to change.


Are you Ready?..If not you will be left behind. It's not a matter of "If"..but "WHEN" do YOUR homework.


It is not only our debt we have to worry about, but also the lefts push to the New World Order, and the Bill Gates ID2020 RFID microship initiative, and cashless global digital currency system.


It's time to wake up; We have all been asleep living in a blinded life style and unaware of our true reality until recent. It is time for our generation to lead the III% and prepare for the next Revolutionary War of our generation. This is a time for the  history books against our Government and Financial Elite known as the "Illuminati".


                    "Every century has it's historic turn of events - We're about to face ours"


The world you thought you knew no longer exsists. It's time to #wakeup join Us

You Have Been Lied To








   Educate Yourself

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Resist Tyranny